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Updated: May 5

Hi dear strangers, my name is Sylvain Levy, I am a veteran art collector together with my dear family members: Dominique Levy and Karen Levy. I am writing on behalf of my family and the collection to tell you a little bit about us.

I know that video games often provide wonderful journeys to the interesting land. I also love travelling. In fact, it was travelling that ignites my passion in collecting Chinese contemporary art. Years ago, I was  visiting my brother-in-law in Shanghai. There I was really lucky to encountered leading artists now like Ding Yi. We were quickly seduced these artworks for their non-conventional ways of mirroring the society and time we lived in, in China and beyond. That was the beginning of our collection.

Being a collector made our life extraordinary. I don’t have a favorate artwork as each of them is a chapter from the journey I and my wife are taking. Art for me is intellectually and aesthetically stimulating, as well as very personal experience. It is about communication between the creator and the collector and beyond.

That’s why for years we tried as hard as we can to share our collection with everyone. We pursue an interactive and participatory approach, redefining the traditional relationships between art and its audience; deconsecrating the public’s approach to art, avoiding any intimidation and countering the notion of art as elitist.

We were the first private collection to build a VR museum. In 2012 we build a museum on Second Life. And now we are embarking on a new journey with Alan Kwan and Yang Jing in the video game realm. Our collection was born into a screen-based world, today’s new generation moves in and out of the physical and virtual worlds with ease, believing that each world is “real” to them.

We think technological advancement is a tool to perceive and appreciate art in an easier and more thorough way. Starting from the present, dslcollection envisions different scenarios of new meanings that will portray the future. For use, this project is a creative project that uses gaming as a language. It’s a completely new language and one that we’re only just beginning to grasp. We need to be out of our comfort zone, working in multidisciplinary teams – creating, prototyping and testing, and going through that learning cycle. Video games are not going to take over from other ways to connect with art. It has the capacity to make people passionate, to create new experiences, to take people into spaces that are unfamiliar.

The challenge with this project is to find the right balance between a relevant experience for a gamer and the art experience. We believe that Yang Jing and Alan Kwan because of their backgrounds, experiences and most of all their talents are capable of achieving this difficult task and consequently to open a new space to experience art.

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