Our Team: Grace the talented intern!

Updated: May 8

Hey, I’m Grace and I’m currently in 12th Grade. I like to draw and listen to music in my free time, and I hope to pursue art as a career when I graduate! :D I enjoy playing games online, especially ones that are more plot-based. Another thing I like to do is watch Netflix and my favourite show to rewatch is Please Like Me or Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I like playing video games when I have free time, and I especially enjoy animal crossing. To me, video games are a way to escape from daily life, and imagine yourself in a different world.

I am an intern on the game project, The Forgetter. It is a narrative-based game about a person hired to erase artists’ traumatic memories. They are conflicted over whether or not to follow the orders of their company, or do what is morally right. The gameplay is told from their point of view, as they navigate the artist’s brain and break artworks, as well as try to manage their daily life.

I helped design some ackground characters, as well as help with other aspects of game design. I liked being a part of the game, and getting to watch it develop from behind the scenes! I also enjoyed learning about game design in general and learning how to use designing software, like Blen